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January 21, 2008

Illegal Maintenance Man Accused of Sodomizing Tenant

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Illegal immigrant Noe Lezama, working as a maintenance man, is accused of attempting to rape a female tenant and of sodomizing her.


Illegal Immigrant Accused of Raping Teen

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Illegal immigrant Jose DeLaCruz, in the country as a farm worker, is accused of raping a teenaged girl.

Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Child Rapes

Illegal immigrant Santana Batiz Aceves has been arrested and is accused of at least four sexual assaults on children and the attempted rape of two others. Aceves allegedly watched the homes of single parent families until the parent left the child alone. He would then enter the home and rape the daughter.

Despite having been deported twice before, Aceves was in the country working as a heavy equipment operator.

Border Guards Murdered

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A border security guard who worked at an international bridge on the Mexican border has been murdered. In a separate incident, suspected illegal drug smugglers killed a Border agent by running over him.

January 1, 2008

Blog Status

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Sorry for the lack of posts.  I haven’t been on the message boards or news sites for a while due to work.  Check out Blogs for Borders They have a list of interesting immigration blogs on the right side of their page.

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