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June 30, 2006

Illegal Immigrant Accused of Touching, Threatening to Rape Two Girls

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Camilo Hernandez is accused of inappropriately touching and threatening to rape two teens.


Mexican Nationals Transporting Drugs in the US

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The Philadelphia Police Department and the FBI have announced a major drug bust inolving Mexican nationals in the US.

Firefighter Demoted for Speaking English

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Firefighter Jaime Pickering has been demoted for speaking English instead of Spanish.  The Department of Forestry in Oregon now requires crew bosses to be bilingual instead of requiring immigrant firefighters to learn English.

DNA Leads to Arrest of Illegal Immigrant Crime Gang

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DNA evidence found on a water bottle led to the arrest of 4 members of an illegal immigrant crime gang.

Illegal Immigrants Arrested in Rape of Teen

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Javier Guzman Martinez and Noel Darwin Hernandez have been arrested and accused of raping and stabbing an 18-year-old Texas teenager.  They are accused of running her off the road then forcing her into their car where they raped and stabbed her.  She was then thrown in a ditch where she pretended to be dead.  When they left, the girl crawled half a mile for help.

June 29, 2006

Illegal Immigrant Convicted in Drug Dealer’s Murder

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Illegal immigrant Danial Lopez-Romero has been convicted in the kidnapping and murder of a drug dealer.

Illegal Immigrant Sentenced in DUI Death

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Victor Anzua-Torres was driving with a .26% blood alcohol level on Dec 5, 2005, when he killed Ryan Ostendorf in a head on collision.  Anzua-Torres has been sentenced to 13 years and nine months in prison for second degree murder.

Illegal Immigrant Sought in Rape of 16-Year-Old

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Police in Locust, North Carolina, are searching for Adrian Zuniga, who is suspected of grabbing a 16-year-old, dragging her into the woods by her neck and raping her.

Katrina Looters Receive 15 Year Sentence

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After stealing 27 bottles of liquor and wine and six cases of beer from a grocery store during the Katrina flooding, Coralnelle Little, Paul C. Pearson and Rhonda McGowen have been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Citizenship Required to Receive Medicaid

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Starting July 1st, Medicaid will require proof of citizenship.  By screening out illegals, taxpayers will save up to $750 million over ten years.

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